Types of Casino Cheating & The Role of Anti-Cheating Security Measures

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Cheating has been a consistent concern in gambling establishments. Name any casino game; there will always be a crafty character who has found a way to cheat. Some people use insider knowledge, technical know-how, or accomplices to gain an edge over the casino. With each game having its unique cheating methods, gambling facilities face an omnibus of cheating. Here are some common types of casino cheating methods.

Late Betting

Late betting essentially defines a situation when a player places a bet after the betting window is closed. Some players often find a way of doing this to improve their chances of winning. In the case of roulette, the player might place the bet after the balls lands on a specific spot on the wheel. With table games, it could be the case of having an accomplice or distracting the dealer.

Capping a Bet

Like late betting, capping a bet is often done after the bet has been placed and requires distraction of the croupier. Here, the cheating player adds more chips to their winning bet after the bet has been announced in attempts to increase their payout.

Image result for Use of Counterfeit ChipsUse of Counterfeit Chips

In some cases, some casino players might try to counterfeit the chips. This cheating practice is seldom successful thanks to the sophisticated anti-cheat features in casino chips. For instance, newer chip designs have microchips as an added security feature aimed at making cheating impossible.

Use of Cheating Devices

The cheating device often depends on the type of game. For instance, a loaded dice might be used to influence results in a game of craps. On the other hand, a blackjack player might use a card holding device, which is often worn on the under a sleeve and used to hide cards or provide the player with alternatives. Most casinos have a robust anti-cheating system to take care of use of cheating devices.

Card Counting

This is a skill that most gamblers master to help them keep track of both high and low cards. With the right count, a player might be able to know when to go high or low depending on how well the conditions suit them. As much as card counting is counting is not considered illegal, it can easily get you banned from a casino.

  • The Role of Anti-Cheating Security Measures

The tug of war between fraudsters and casino security is unlikely to end any time soon as cheats will always find new and better ways of bypassing security protocols. Cheating can be a huge money maker for those that find ways of deceiving the house – but is equally damaging for the casino. On the other hand, as the casino try to minimise their chances of being cheated, most of them invest in insecurity surveillance and technologies. Ideally, nothing should be left to chance.

Anti-cheating protection in online casinos is all about utilizing the skills of surveillance personnel and the technologies at their disposal to deter, detect, and respond to casino cheating. The more they prevent fraud from happening, the better it is for the house.