Anti-Cheating Policies for Online Casinos

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Image result for Verification ChecksOnline casinos are among the fastest growing industries today. This is attributed to its convenience in signing up and playing your favourite game(s) from home. But as the number of online casino player’s increase, so does the number of fraudulent players. Cheating is prohibited in every casino only that incidences of fraud are bound to happen especially during this technological age. In attempts to curb cheating in online casinos, here are some anti-cheating policies for online casinos.

Verification Checks

Most online casinos today invest in verification protocols to make it harder for people to set up multiple accounts. Why are verifications checks important? Ideally, they are not just meant to stop one from having multiple accounts but also act as some form of safeguard intended to avoid misuse of player bonuses. In the past, some people made created numerous accounts and used the hefty bonuses as a way of improving their chances of winning huge jackpots on a game like slots. Most online casino sites have a policy of utilising multiple verification checks to deter and detect foul play. In case of any suspicious activity, the accounts are often closed immediately.

Increased Surveillance

Most scammers in online casinos work as a team. As such, there could be some player who could try and get to a vantage point and identify the cards the dealer is holding. Once the player gets some vital information, he or she could stay with the other players they are working with. Curbing cheating in online casinos can be a tricky affair, but most casinos invest in a surveillance department that monitors the dealings of all players.

A dedicated team coupled with technologies such as the NORA goes a long way in helping the casino’s surveillance team detect relationships between players and incidences of cheating. Once a player is suspected or found cheating, this information is shared to other casino sites to let them know who to look out for.

Terms and Conditions

Before signing up in an online casino, a player is expected to read and accept the terms and condition of service. Everyone has to follow specific rules, which cover things like welcome bonuses, cash out policies, what happens when you hit the jackpot, and how the handle cheating in the casino among other legal requirements. Ideally, having everything put in black and white often proves to be a decent deterrent against cheating and other fraudulent activities.

Consequences of Cheating

If you are caught cheating in an online casino, it is almost guaranteed that will be banned from engaging in all gambling activities in that casino. This might also have far-reaching consequences as it could mean your personal information could be flagged across other online casino sites, which might make it difficult to play in a reputable casino site. Also, some forms of cheating might attract massive penalties or even some jail time.

Most gambling sites do everything within their means to stop cheating. On the other hand, fraudsters are also keeping coming out with better cheats. With robust anti-cheating policies in place, the fight gets tough.