Casino Surveillance Practices

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In any casino, there is a dedicated team of professionals tasked with the responsibility of detecting, deterring, and responding to cases of cheating, theft or fraud. The sole objective of the surveillance department is to protect the assets of the facility and at the same time keep the layers safe. The more you can defend incidences of external theft, fraud, and cheating at gambling, the better it becomes for the casino.Image result for Casino Surveillance Practices

As much as different casinos run the surveillance department differently, their goals are substantially similar. Irrespective of the gaming jurisdiction you are in, some surveillance practices have been proven to be more effective than others. Detecting crimes or scams in a gambling facility begins by knowing and applying various security practices and techniques. So here are some proven security practices that will help you bolster your surveillance operations.

Identify Your Threats

With every casino being at risk of some security perils, the degree poses by each threat varies considerably As such, take time to identify these threats and the magnitude of risk they pose. Part of identifying risks also requires you prioritise all threats.

Knowing your threats and customizing your operations to handle them is vital. This serves to ensure you put your resources where they will protect the casino from most harm. In most instances, the issue is not losing but avoid those big hits. Identify your security threats and attack them.

Work as a Team

Most casinos have complex security needs. As such, it is essential to ensure that security operations with the casino are well coordinated. One way of achieving continuous communication is to invest in two-way radios. In a casino, communication between members of the surveillance team should be discrete and at the same time be robust.

A coordinated security department goes a long way towards securing the casino and ensuring the guests remain safe. If a player is suspected of cheating, the security team can easily unearth fundamental details about the player from key databases and share information with their colleagues.

Regularly Review Statistical Casino Security Reports

Part of casino surveillance requires the security team to be proactive. This means that they should always be reviewing any negative or suspicious activity. You do not need to rely on cameras alone; you need to have a wealth of leads waiting for you. Statistical information from the finance department on critical details like openers, closers, drops, and win percentages might help you determine any suspicious activity.

This reports should be used to establish your next course of action. This is an excellent way to identify anomalies that often and fraudulent activities that usually go on under the surface. Since technology can be used against you, casino owners must use it to detect and stop any cheating activities.

  • The Bottom Line

Security surveillance is vital in any casino environment where there will always be some shady characters waiting for an opportunity to pounce. As such, the security team responsible for casino surveillance should be well-coordinated to deliver high-quality services. The better the security protocols, the harder it gets for crooks to cheat.