5 Anti-Cheating Security Measures for Casino Dice Games

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Image result for Anti-CheatingThe tradition of cheating in casinos dates back to their invention, and it stills continues to this day. In light of this, casinos take extraordinary measures to prevent players from cheating. Most players seek to gain control of the game by cheating in dice games. Cheating using dice can be combated using the security measures highlighted below. Most of these measures serve to ensure that each roll in random or devoid of external influence.

Use of Security Numbers

Replacing standard dice offered at the casino with weighted dice is a time-honoured cheating tradition in most casinos. The use of dice with serial numbers serves to prevent weighted or crooked dice from getting to the table. As such, the casino staffer is tasked with the responsibility of examining the dice and making sure that only the recommended dice are used.

Sharp Corners

The quality or design of the corners of the dice can influence the outcome of a rolled dice. So, the next time you use dice in any casino, make sure to look at the corners. Ideally, the right dice should have sharp edges and not rounded ones. The results obtained from dice with round corners are not random as they exaggerate the bias on the dice. In light of this, the dice you find in a casino will always have sharp edges to ensure that the rolls are random.

Key Letter Spots

This is a crucial security feature in casino dice. The exciting bit about this security feature is that most players do not notice it considering that it tends to be somewhat conspicuous. This can either be a letter or a number monogrammed in a specific part of the dice before the spot is painted. While some fraudsters might be able to replicate dimensions and other physical features of a dice, faking a letter under some paint is often a tough call for many.

Glow Spots

Another essential safeguard against cheating using dice is the use of glow spots. These special spots are filled with a unique epoxy material that changes its colour when exposed to UV light. As such, floor managers can check the legitimacy of the dice used with a simple black light test.

Change Outs

Another anti-cheat measures used by casinos is to frequently change the dice used just as they do with the cards used at the blackjack tables. Ideally, the essence of changing out the dice is to uphold randomness. In most casinos, a fresh set of dice are brought in after every four to eight hours. The casino has the right to change dice as often as they please to ensure a player’s good luck is not as a result of tampering.

The next time you play a dice game like craps in a casino, be sure to look at the security measures used by the casino. Besides the anti-cheating measures set on dice, there are a host of other security features that seek to discourage or deter fraud in any casino. With improved anti-cheating security features, it is advisable to avoid fraudulent activities as they might prove to be too costly.