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Image result for RSGB-SpectrumforumAt Rsgb-spectrumforum we aim to share real and actionable tips in matters surrounding casino security. In this regard, we have spent countless hours exploring and trying out different types of casino games. From our experiences, we have realized that the casino world can be a rapidly evolving maze and can also be frustrating to navigate. When it comes to matters of security in online casinos, things can even get tougher. With a desire to help casinos toughen up and create a free and fair gaming environment and at the same time improve their bottom line, we saw it fit to start this website.

Our Team

We are a group of dedicated professional with vast experience in the gambling industry. Here, you will find a team of researchers, writers, editors, and designers with a common goal – the desire to improve the security in online casinos. We are thoroughly committed to sharing insights on various subjects ranging from casino surveillance to anti-cheating policies used in casinos today. This reflects our diversity, interest, and love of casino games.

Our Mission

We have it our key mission to make both online and land-based casinos more secure. In doing so, we gain exclusive insights on industry trends, new security features, and best of all actionable casino security tips. Our partnership with key stakeholders in the gambling industry means that we can share casino security tips and news better than anyone else.

Besides that, we scour the web daily in search of any developments in this industry that might give you an edge over the fraudsters who often get wittier by the day. As we said, we are not just doing this for the sake of it; we are a team of active gamblers that are committed to making gambling more secure.

What is covered here?

  • Casino surveillance tips: We understand that the security and surveillance departments are two of the most important departments in any casino. Security goes a long way in ensuring that the casino works for the employees, players, and even the owners. Our dedicated team endeavours to personify the professional needed to run the security and surveillance departments of any gambling facility.
  • Anti-cheat policies for casinos – Anti-cheating safeguards are critical in the operation of any casino. The anti-cheat policies used in land-based casinos might differ considerably from those used in online casinos. Considering that these two situations share a common objective – to deter cheating and create a fair gambling environment. Our team will look at all types of anti-cheat policies and their implications in creating a better gambling environment.
  • General Articles: We understand the subject of casino security and surveillance is huge. As such, we also intend to look at some cross-cutting issues on casino fraud, anti-cheating technologies, among other topics.

The tradition of trying to defraud casinos remains to this day. As such, casinos are expected to put real measures to prevent players from cheating. Like ice cream, we gout of our way to get the inside scoop and pass a rich bowl of casino security tips to our visitors.