Anti-Cheating Technologies for Land-Based Casinos

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Movies make casino fraudsters look like the Robin Hoods of our time. Don’t be fooled, cheating in both land and online casinos is not as easy as you might think. Fraudulent activities leave a significant dent on the casino, and also affect other players in many ways. In response to this, modern-day casino establishments invest in many ways to curb cheating – by employing advanced technologies that make fighting fraudsters a lot easier.

Image result for License Plate ReadersLicense Plate Readers

This technology is among the first line of defense against cheating in most land-based casinos. As such, the surveillance team can pick up your car’s number plate and run it through a database. The essence of doing this is to compare it against the plates of known addicts or undesirables. If your number plate is associated with some incidences of fraud, you are likely to be turned away even before setting foot in the casino.

Biometric Face Recognition

Buying a new car or using a taxi to the casino does not mean that unwanted guests stand a chance of accessing the casino. The biometric face recognition technology employs HD cameras as an extra line of defense against casino frauds.

A facial recognition system can be either dumb or smart. A dumb system serves to take a snapshot of everyone entering the casino. Smart systems do this only that they take an extra step of analysing each photo they take by comparing it against some images in the casino’s database.


The NORA or Non-Obvious Relationship Awareness tool is an excellent technological piece for fighting organised cheating between a click of players. This software runs on a database that helps in identifying casino players thus preventing cases of identity theft. Also, it also has some intelligent safeguards that recognize connections between individuals. It could be a player-player or a player-dealer relationship. In most instances, this software is used on players that mysteriously win huge amounts.

Angel Eye

Card switching is one among the many ways of cheating in a casino. In light of this, most casinos use the Angel Eye technology, which essentially puts an invisible code on the card. As such, these codes are always counter checked with the system as soon as it is drawn. The information is then sent to the dealer and help in identifying irregularities. In some way, knowledge of the existence of this technology is an excellent deterrent to cheating in card games.

TableEye 21

The TableEye21 combines several anti-cheating technologies. It features an overhead camera to track every move and overlays a video feed in real time covering the cards being used and the chips wagered. Notwithstanding, this technology also follows all manner of table stats like the number of rounds, trend reports, and win/loss statistics. This makes identification of incidences of players working in cahoots with the dealer or other forms of cheating.

As much as most of these technologies are meant to deter cheating, they are mostly used in gathering key stats, which are then used to by the surveillance team to prevent fraud. Coordination of multiple security technologies is vital to fighting cheating in casinos.